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NEW Honda CR-V Hybrid

The All-New Honda CR-V Hybrid is now in our showroom. Be sure to register your interest with us so you don't miss out on the latest updates and offers.

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Hybrid Performance

The Hybrid delivers real-world efficiency and effortless drivability, with intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) automatically switching between 3 driving modes: Electric, Hybrid, Engine drive. The results? Better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions.

Advanced Safety

To feel safer, the CR-V Hybrid possesses a brand new system with passive and active safety. Using both radars and cameras, Honda SENSING keeps you safe, no matter what.


You can now experience smartphone integration with both Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay as well as connecting to the Internet to surf the web and access Aha services. It has never been simpler to use the infotainment system with everything you need just one touch away thanks to the 7-inch full colour screen.


With a longer wheelbase than its predecessor, this new CR-V feels sometimes more like a home than a car. The CR-V Hybrid is not only a real family car but has a sporty and sophisticated design.


The CR-V Hybrid retains the same familiar silhouette of the world's best-selling SUV but with a sophisticated and sporty design evolution. With broader, muscular wheel arches and a shorter rear overhang, complemented by a larger wheel and tyre combination offering the driver and the passengers a sense of strength and security at any time.

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ENTER THE HYBRID - Another milestone for the Honda CR-V. i-MMD (intelligent Multi-Mode Drive) technology delivers exceptional performance alongside outstanding efficiency. Its aerodynamic lines, created around a totally new chassis, make this 5th generation CR-V a real driver's SUV. Once inside you'll enjoy a luxurious, sophisticated interior displaying the latest in driver aids and infotainment alongside the comfort, space and versatility that CR-V is famous for.

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Featuring an intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD), it combines a 2.0 litre i-VTEC petrol engine with two electric motors to give effortless driveability you will enjoy every day.


The CR-V seamlessly selects the appropriate drive mode: from Electric, Hybrid and Engine Drive depending on the driving conditions. How to charge? No need to plug your CR-V, the battery can be charged through the brake system.


The new SUV delivers strength and stability with a lighter and more rigid chassis. When combined with the all-new suspension system and Honda's latest all-wheel drive technology - 'Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System™' - means the CR-V Hybrid possesses an enhanced all-terrain performance.


This active system brings the CR-V Hybrid to a stop if it detects an imminent collision. At first alerting you with a warning sound, if necessary, brake pressure is applied.


Adaptive Cruise Control gives you a smoother driving experience by maintaining a consistent speed, without having to touch your foot on the accelerator or brake pedals, to reduce tiredness.


A second of distraction, a long road at night; with Road Departure Mitigation, the CR-V Hybrid will stay in its lane. By correcting the vehicle if it veers off the road, braking automatically and putting you back in your lane.


A dedicated camera detects road markings and gently steers the vehicle to stay in the centre of the lane, for a more relaxing, smoother driving experience.


Radar sensors monitor the area on both sides of the vehicle, helping determine if there are any objects you should be aware of but can't see in the rear-view mirrors. It's especially helpful when changing lanes. If the system identifies anything as you indicate, a warning sound comes on, telling you immediately.


Cross Traffic Monitor technology watches the rear corners, with the help of two radar sensors. When reversing out of a parking space, you'll hear an audible alert and a displayed warning on the centre screen, if there is another vehicle approaching.


The system detects the level of the driver's alertness, by analysing steering input and notifies them if they should take a break. It has four levels, depending on the estimated stage, a warning message is displayed and steering vibrations are sent out, prompting you to take a break from driving.

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Working with both Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay, the smartphone integration allows you to see all of the features you're familiar with on your vehicle's screen. Play your music, text or call friends and family without removing your hands from the wheel. You can get directions, listen to podcasts, create reminders and much much more… all while driving safely.


Get closer to the world with the improved internet connectivity from the new CR-V Hybrid. Enjoy aha™ to stream music, get information at anytime, check your social media feeds and you™ll be always connected to the outside world from your car.

Head up display

The Head Up Display allows you to get any driving information at a glance and control your music easily, without taking your eyes off the road. Your navigation, phone and everything else you need is located in one place putting you at ease while you drive.

Space Efficiency

Slightly bigger inside, significantly bigger outside; the new design of the CR-V offers way more space for you and your passengers, for a smoother and more comfortable ride. The longer wheelbase enlarges the passenger compartment and luggage capacity. The distance between the first and the second row of seats has increased.


The power tailgate with programmable height allows you to decide at which point you'd like it to stop opening. It's perfect for garages and tight parking spaces. This feature also works when your hands are full of groceries and you want to use your foot to open it. There's a «stop-and-hold function» so the tailgate can be stopped at any position, avoiding any unfortunate scratches or dents.


The high-end finishing materials increases the modern feel inside the vehicle. The new interior design incorporates a horizontal emphasis on the dashboard layout to highlight the more spacious cabin. You can feel a sense of luxury, while the horizontal lines make the inside feel wider. The contrast of soft, hard and polished elements highlights the more spacious cabin. The 7-inch display is one of the main features of the dashboard for you to explore.


With a wider, taller and longer wheelbase than its predecessor, the entire design has been thought out to be the most aerodynamic possible. Narrower A-pillars, flush-mounted glass and carefully sculpted front and rear bumpers reduce air and road noise compared to the previous model, for a smoother ride, increasing both fuel efficiency and reducing road noise.


The front passengers are not the only one able to enjoy the heated seat feature. At a push of a button, all passengers can enjoy the warmth and get even more comfortable during their journey. Choose from 3 heat modes to offer passengers a more pleasant journey.


The Heated Steering Wheel allows you to get your hands warm in even the coldest weather. The temperature can reach approximately 20℃ in ten minutes even when it's -20℃ outside. So you'll to always be ready to hit the road, no matter the weather conditions.


The inner slide panorama improves the roof spaciousness and brings more light into the car. The outside and inside have never felt closer together, so you can enjoy the landscape, from your seat. There are three modes to explore: - Tilt: The back edge of the glass moves upward for ventilation. - Glass open or closed: The front side of the glass is moved backward or forward for air and to let the light in. - Shade opened or closed: The shade is moved forward or backward to let light in.

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